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Love massage, but feel you can't afford one?

The bottom line is that though massage is also a luxurious treat, it is a key investment in your health!  The benefits listed below are just some of the conditions that are helped by massage and a few of the scientific studies that indicate the true facts of its benefits.  Massage therapy is an accepted part of many physical therapy rehabilitation programs and has cumulative effects on the human body when utilized regularly.  

A study released February, 2007, found that when clearly considered, the price of a massage might not be as much as you first think. One or two of the many research studies conducted, find massage beneficial in maintaining health.   

Cumulative benefits when massage therapy is utilized regularly:

  • 2008 – Review of 13 clinical trials found evidence that indicates massage is useful for chronic low-back pain, especially when patient do not respond to conventional treatment.


You will look and feel better with a regular massage! 

  More accrued benefits


» Increases blood and lymph fluid circulation preventing stagnation of   fluids in the body; 

» improving absorption of nutrients and fluid flow within the body;
» Increased Range of Motion;
                    » Enhanced flexibility;
» Increased relief from stress;

             » Lubricates joints;

             » Facilitates the ending of the "Spasm & Pain" cycle;

             » Flush toxins out of the body;

             » Improves the immune response

             » Stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin

             » Relieves fatigue
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